Universal Studios in Orlando Florida

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Universal Studios Orlando is rated as one of the best theme parks in the world. The universal park was opened in 1990. It was made as a theme park used to watch the movies. Now many of the old rides are replaced and there are a lot of new things to do in Universal Studios. The universal parks are a great source of earning for Disney Park. The new attraction such as Harry Potter-themed rides, the Mummy, and the Hollywood Rip Ride are the most famous means of entertainment in the park. Many changes have been made since the 90s to improve the level of entertainment and fun for visitors. The visitors love to see the beauty of the park and enjoy themselves. Universal Studios is a great destination to spend the vacations. Universal Studios has many entertainments. Some of them are mentioned below:

Universal Sign

The place which is famous for taking pictures is the universal sign. Pictures are memories of the trip. The Universal globe is the recognition of the park. It is a good place for taking pictures for families and couples. When you reach the park always start your visit from this iconic globe. You are fresh when you arrive and you will have great effects on light for your pictures.

The world of Harry Potter

It is a place full of excitement and enjoyable rides. You at least need a whole day to explore the place. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you cannot miss this wonderful place. The rides such as Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, and many others increase the fun of the visitors. There are many themed restaurants and you will get many spots to take pictures. Do not miss the Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure ride.

The Hulk Coaster

It is a thrilling ride. You need to reach in the morning to enjoy this amazing coaster. The speed of the coaster is 67 miles per hour. The music played during the coaster increases the joy of the riders. It is a real and unexpected blast of fun. 

Exploring CityWalk

When you visit Orlando and not exploring the CityWalk at night then your visit is not completed. CityWalk consists of many themed restaurants and movie theaters. You can enjoy dinner and dessert at different restaurants. For the relaxation of mind remember to listen to live karaoke. The mini-golf theme can be enjoyed at Hollywood Drive-IN Golf. It is a wonderful place to relax after spending the whole day in the parks.

Remember to taste the butterbeer

While moving around the universal studio if you want to drink something to satisfy your taste buds and get rid of your thirst then butterbeer is the best option for you. It is a great drink. It can help you to kill the heat. You will feel relax and it refreshes your mood too.

Amazing shows at Universal Studios

Do not spend all of your time at rides but also keep spare time to watch the shows at the universal studio. Some of the famous shows you should not miss at universal studios are:

  • Animal Actors on Location
  • The Blue Brothers Show
  • The Universal Horror Makeup Show
  • Universal Cinematic Spectacular
  • Shrek 4D

All these shows are the blast of entertainment.

The Water Ride

Do not be afraid of getting wet and missing the water ride. If you will miss the water ride then surely you will a lot of fun. If you have a mind to take a water ride then wear such clothes that will dry quickly. After taking the ride there are many fan dryers near the water ride. You have to pay a little bit of money to dry your clothes. 

Hollywood Rip Rock Ride

It is the newest coaster at Universal Studios. It is a thrilling ride. You can choose your song which you want to listen to during the ride. The speed of the ride is 67 miles per hours and the maximum height it reaches is 167 feet. The best thing about this ride is that you can purchase your full song video of your ride.

Hogwarts Express

The ride of Hogwarts Express is world-famous. This themed ride is according to the Harry Potter movies. It connects both the parks. There is no need to walk from the park to the park. Now you can purchase the ticket of Hogwarts Express from one park to another. It will provide you a comfortable ride. You can also take some snacks with you on the ride if you want. By taking this ride from one park to another will reduce body fatigue. 

On-site hotels

When you will the universal studios try to manage your stay in on-site hotels. These hotels are a bit expensive but provide great facilities. You can reach World Harry Potter more easily and early. These hotels include swimming pools and many restaurants providing delicious food. These hotels also provide free shuttle service for the park.  

It is a Spa time now

When you have walked around the park for a whole day long then you will be feeling pain, especially in your feet. The bag you are carrying on your back is of course heavy. Now you should visit the spa to gain comfort and relief from your pain. The CityWalk of Orlando is known for its best spas. You will enjoy a lot the body massage. You can have many affordable packages for pampering yourself. In this way, your vacations will be spending good and you can enjoy yourself more. 

Dinner time

Many restaurants provide quality food. The food of these restaurants is pretty tasty. Remember to enjoy the deserts after dinner. Some of the famous restaurants providing good quality food are:

  • Hard Rock Café is famous for its rock and roll atmosphere and provides a great ambiance to the visitors.
  • Mythos Restaurant is the best-themed restaurant in the world. You can enjoy your meal at this restaurant during your visit to the parks.

Final words

When you visit Universal Studios Orlando you should not miss any of the above-mentioned things. If you want to make your visit memorable then pack up your bags take a camera and book the tickets for Orlando.

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